Remodel Consulting Services


(save up to 55% on materials and up to $10,000 on the total project)

Initial phone consult                           FREE

  • Review Options
  • Feasibility Analysis and Scope
  • Estimated Cost Scenarios
  • Review Materials and Fixtures

In-home Design Consult                     $97 (Included with Full Remodel)

  • Concept / Space Planning
  • Materials Research & Planning
  • Measurement and Design
  • 3D Drawing of Floor plan
  • Cost Estimates

Full Remodel

Phase 1. Consulting / Project Management     $4997

  • Planning
  • Obtain Building Permits if needed
  • Complete design and specifications
  • Define scope of work
  • Finalize bidding process
  • Sign supplier and trades contracts
  • Order materials (no markups)

Phase 2. Implementation

  •             Coordinate trades
  •             Conduct Progress Inspections
  •             Authorize Payments (client pays direct, no markups)
  •             Troubleshoot

Phase 3. Job Completion

  •             Complete Punch List Items
  •             Final Walkthrough with client
  •             Authorize final payout to trades

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    DIY CONSULTING SERVICES               -Starting at $497

The DIY remodeling consulting services let you do it yourself without going it alone.

  • I can help you get your project back on track.
  • I can offer expert advice at any stage of your remodeling project.
  • And when a flame-thrower seems like the only viable solution, I can offer emergency assistance.


  • The do-it-yourselfer who wants to take on an entire remodeling project
  • The homeowner who wants to act as the general contractor on a remodeling project
  • Anyone wanting an idea of the scope and budget for a remodeling project (think home buyer looking at a fixer-upper, real estate agent wanting an angle to sell a home in need of updating, or homeowner wanting to plan some long-term renovations).


  • Prioritize your remodeling project needs and wants
  • Establish a budget and scope for a remodeling project
  • Outline the construction sequence and develop a workable schedule
  • Locate the best designers, subcontractors, labor, and materials for your project
  • Walk through the permitting process and assist with the permit process
  • Understand and use sustainable construction methods
  • Get your delayed and incredibly frustrating project back on track
  • Ascertain the feasibility of a remodeling project
  • Determine your return on investment through a cost/benefit analysis
  • Compare bids from subcontractors to determine the best service and value
  • See the big picture potential of a remodel on an older or outdated home