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Beautiful, Functional, Distinctive Kitchens

deluxe kitchen remodel Discover the possibilities. When you invite The Kitchen King into your kitchen, you open the doors to the entertainment and cooking space you’ve always dreamed of. As an experienced design/build firm in Orange County, we evaluate how you want to use the space, and work with you on concepts, renderings, design, material selection and construction to transform your kitchen.

Every Kitchen is Distinctive and Unique

When you invest in a new kitchen you want it to stand out from any other. You want the space to allow work to flow seamlessly without bottlenecks. Moving around while you cook should be easy and sensible, not an exercise in contortion and high wire acrobatics.

Your kitchen as an entertainment center should be welcoming, beautiful, and comfortable with ample space for mingling. Whether you are an amateur cook or professional chef, your kitchen design should be sensible, placing the items you use most often within hand’s reach.

We Can Help Get You Started:

4 Kinds of Design/Build Kitchen Remodels

There are four design/build kitchen remodels which we will explore based upon your current space, vision, and budget. Visit the photo section to see before and after examples of each kind.

  • Stay within existing footprint:
    As the most economical option, your design/build team will redesign your kitchen’s existing space to improve functionality and make it beautiful.
  • Expand into adjoining room:
    Attain a more spacious, open floor concept by joining your existing kitchen with the space of an adjacent room. This offers many more possibilities.
  • Relocate within your home:
    Sometimes your current kitchen is not in an ideal location within your home and relocating it to another space makes the most sense. You may want to take advantage of your view or make the kitchen more spacious.
  • Bump out addition:
    When property lines allow, a bump out is often the perfect design/build solution to the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Without stealing space from another room, a bump out increases your overall square footage.

The Secret to a Happy Remodeling Experience

Remodeling your kitchen means temporarily disrupting your entire lifestyle. But your remodeling experience can be a very positive and exciting time in your life when you choose the right company as your partner. OC Kitchen King will seamlessly handle all phases of your project by combining architecture, engineering, interior design, project management into a coherent whole. We’ve created beautiful spaces and lasting client relationships since 2007.

Because we design what we build and build what we design, you receive unsurpassed value, a kitchen you will love as long as you own it, and a very positive experience from our first contact through the satisfactory completion of your beautiful new kitchen.

Schedule your complimentary, no obligation meeting with one of our designers and visit our state-of-the-art design center in Santa Ana, Calif., where you can get a feel for our team, see samples of our quality work, and take home a list of references. Please call us  or schedule your consultation online.

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