How to plan for a kitchen remodel

Kitchen cabinets with granite
The kitchen is one of the most complicated remodeling projects because of all the decisions you will make throughout the process. We’ll walk you through this with our planning and buying guides, covering everything from foundation appliances, cabinetry, surfaces and finishes to sustainable products and extras like wine coolers and microwave drawers.
According to Remodeling magazine, a major kitchen renovation can result in a return on investment of between 61 and 70 percent of the cost.

Evolution of the Kitchen

Over time, the kitchen has evolved from a place where food is simply prepared and served in another room into a multi-function open area that is the heart and soul of the home. No matter its size, the kitchen is a big part of every modern household.
When remodeling a kitchen, think function, efficiency, style and longevity. A kitchen should last for 20 years or more, says Mary Jo Peterson, principal, Mary Jo Peterson Inc. “Choose cabinets you love, and a layout that works for your family’s lifestyle,” she advises.from hgtv

How To Make Changes To Improve Your Home

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Making improvements to your home can be fun. Spend a weekend on a project and create something together. When you approach home improvement as a DIY project, you will save lots of money. You can make a good plan by following the tips shared here. You may want to avoid bigger projects such as kitchen remodeling or replacing your kitchen cabinets. Its best to leave that to the professionals. Contact us here!

Simple Home Improvement tips:

You should avoid furniture with a busy upholstery. You may love loud florals or crazy geometric shapes, but they can be a challenge to decorate around. Purchase furniture in solid colors like black, brown, blue or green, and use accessories to highlight the furniture. This way, all items will blend into one great decorating scheme.

Store material that you’re using for building between floor joists or ceiling rafters. You can place longer strips of molding and large materials, especially two by fours in these areas. Just put some furring strips on the floor joists so that the materials can be stored.

Use a couple two-liter bottles for storage in your kitchen. The clear bottles will make it easy for you to see the foods that you have stored in them. You can keep them on a shelf or in the freezer or refrigerator. When you need somethings, simply remove the cap to pour out the contents.

You must keep safety as your number one priority if you’re going to plan home improvement projects. Risk is always involved in improvement projects to some degree, so make sure you understand how to use your power tools safely and never be afraid to ask someone for help if you are confused. You can also take advantage of online tutorials to get additional help.

When you start any home improvement task, be certain not to underestimate the time and money requirements involved. You need to take the time and write down all of the things that need done. A second opinion may help you avoid making any mistakes during your first assessment. By knowing everything you have to do, you can save tons of money.

Install motion detectors at the front entrance of your home. Since the light won’t be on constantly, your energy bill will be lower. You can feel more secure with motion activated lights, as they may scare unwanted predators away.

Never forget the value in owning high quality doors. It really is the first aspect of your home (and the last one too) that your guests will notice. A door that is not properly fitted or insulated can bleed a lot of heat in or out of your home. And if you’ve got older locks or frames, these could be a security risk.

Now that your plan is something you have thought about, your project can confidently be started. It might be a lot of hard work, but when you work with someone else, it’ll be even more fun to see the results. Contemplating a sucessfully-completed home improvement job will fill you with pride, and the money you save doing your own work doesn’t hurt, either!

What You Should Know About Interior Design

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As styles have evolved, interior design has become rather more accessible. coming up with one’s home nowadays has become lots easier, particularly once attempting to try and do it yourself. does one want some recommendation and guidance? Well, browse the information set out here and ascertain what you’ll be able to do to make the house you wish. If you’re interested about interior design, you’ll need to speculate in art. you’ll not suppose therefore, however one sensible piece of design will take a space to a completely new level. A painting may give an area to start out once decorating alternative things too.


Orange County Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right colour scheme for your area is extremely vital. check that you recognize what colours go together with what therefore on avoid clashing; this can end in a well balanced seek for the complete area. It additionally helps to avoid the over-use of daring colour in a space. Make sure you have got the finances found out before you start an inside style project. don’t begin a project if you do not have enough cash for it. you may feel lots softer regarding finishing a project within the future. Consider applying wallpaper to solely half a wall. It will value lots of cash to grace walls. to avoid wasting money, solely wallpaper 0.5 the wall. opt for a powerful border for the wallpaper, then opt for a complimentary hue to color the remainder of the wall that continues to be. This approach will prevent many bucks whereas making a singular seek for your walls. One vital facet to any area is lighting. Lighting can alter the mood of an area counting on however bright it’s. Bright is best for kitchens and baths, wherever a positive aura is most vital. Bright lights will overwhelm little areas and areas wherever you wish to make a softer mood. attempt variable resistor lights for bed area and living rooms, if that is the mood you want to make. Some realize it to be fun and exciting to bring new-age items into the inside style theme. they create a space feel trendy and fashionable. Having aforesaid that, you ought to solely use fashionable things as accents. Over time these items can lose their attractiveness, however being that you simply used them meagrely, they’re going to be simple to switch. However, seat with a wild print are abundant tougher to switch.

Another room not to over look is the kitchen. Choosing high quality kitchen cabinets and counters tops is essential for completing any interior design.

With all you’ve learned, you must be feeling like an expert by this point. The easy part is learning the tips and tricks for a successful interior design. It is now up to you to put these ideas into practice in a way that brings out your own style and taste.

Tile Backsplash Add Big Improvment

Tile Backsplash Orange County

A decorative backsplash behind your countertop, sink, or stovetop is an excellent way to add a sense of style and class to your kitchen. It can be used to accentuate the rest of the design or color scheme of the room, or it could be used as an impressive centerpiece. It can be sleek and simplistic or be ornate and exotic. In any case, here is a guide to ideas and considerations if you decide to add a decorative backsplash to your kitchen as a home improvement project.


Here is a sampling of tile patterns for a backsplash. You many prefer a highly ordered straightforward grid pattern, a brick pattern for a more rustic feel, perhaps a diagonal pattern to convey a sense of energy, or the grid pattern with diamond insert (which is perfect for stylized designs in the center.) Most likely you will put a color pattern – such as a straight-up checker design – or you will use a variety of different colors to create a mottled design. Whatever pattern you decide, take a moment to consider how well it meshes with the theme of your kitchen.


A variety of metals (stainless steel, copper, tin, etc.) can be used. They also are available in different finishes (short grain and long grain – consider in which direction the metal is brushed, or perhaps mix the two types of finishes for creative effect). Metal of course creates a more modern look, but ceramic, cement, and  marble are traditional and popular as well. Many of them take their cues from traditional tile designs from around the world.


Depending on your tastes, you may want painted or ornate tiles at the center of the piece. There are many artists offering decorative tiles, such as this one that delivers direct from Mexico. Celtic designs done in relief are also well suited for a backsplash.

Take these points into consideration if you decide to add some style to your kitchen, and remember how much latitude you have to be creative. You can also trust our professionals to do the job right and make the statement in your kitchen that you want to make.