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Without a defined scope of work, it’s easy to imagine how a project can run up costs, push out timelines and cause you a lot of undue stress. You deserve an objective yet highly experienced professional to help you make the right decision as dilemmas surface in the project’s days ahead.

In other words, you could use a Remodeling Consultant.

My name is Brian Singer… I have been a licensed remodeling contractor since 2007. I have remodeled hundreds of kitchens, bathrooms, room additions and entire houses.

As a real estate investor, I have also “flipped” homes, so I know how important it is to streeeeetch every dollar to maximize the value.

When the housing market was climbing out of the recession in 2014, I quickly realized my clients still wanted a stunning kitchen remodel, while trying to “save a buck”… 

I developed my Remodeling Consulting program to help homeowners like you to get the experience of a licensed contractor, my years of project management skills and most importantly, my ability to cut costs, buy passing on my contractor discounts to you…. sometimes as much as 55%… and if you are a “DIYer” you have the freedom and flexibility to do some of the work yourself if you choose.

You might be asking yourself…

” Brian, this sounds great, but how is this different than just hiring a contractor for the job? 

As your consultant, you pay me a single, low flat fee. You pay for labor and materials directly, never any mark ups or pass-throughs. Of course I offer you my professional discounts on materials and negotiate the lowest and best prices for labor and sub-contractors (I work with hundreds of suppliers and tradesmen).

Then, I manage the job to get it done quickly, with as little stress as possible, and more importantly, try to save you money where ever I can. I will suggest ideas that will improve the quality and beauty of your remodel while at the same time, SAVE YOU MONEY…

By charging a single flat fee, I can provide MORE VALUE and cost savings to you, because it’s not cutting into my bottom line. A contractor won’t do that, because he sees it as money out of his pocket…

If you hired a contractor, in many cases this is what will happen… they will quote a “low-ball” price to get in the door, then they will up-charge you all along the way with change orders and mark-ups in order to make a profit. This is WRONG on so many levels…

There is a better way… Hire me as your Remodeling Consultant. My job will be to design a beautiful kitchen remodel, save you money and make sure you don’t get ripped off. Above all, I’m here to provide a fun remodeling experience with peace of mind… 

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“I am your interior designer, project manager, coach, liaison, personal shopper, deal-finder, value engineer… I will give you my professional discounts and will save you THOUSANDS of dollars… I will be the muscle between you and the sub-contractors, I won’t let you pay anyone without first inspecting their work…”



Even with the best-laid plans, if progress inspections aren’t made regularly, the space can have trouble emerging in its new, inspiring form. Considering OC Kitchen King and Brian Singer is a general contractor with over 10 years experience, he’s got quite the track record of overseeing and coordinating a large variety of projects to stay consistently on time and within budget. He can even recommend when payments to contractors should be authorized.

Some clients may only need particular elements or stages that require us to step in to project manage. Others may count on us to manage as much as we can handle – which happens to be a whole lot.

Either way, no matter what you require from us in a project manager role, you can be sure we’re highly collaborative with you so that you feel we’re implementing a space that captures your personality wonderfully and flows right into the next room of the home with ease. Call me today, (714) 504-5028

How It Works

Kitchen Remodeling Costa MesaWithout a real defined scope of work, projects can run up costs, push out timelines and cause you a lot of stress. You deserve an objective yet highly experienced professional to help you make the right decision as dilemmas surface in the project’s days ahead.

In other words, you need a Remodeling Consultant. We know just the person too.

Remodel Consulting means I work closely with you to discuss design options and what you’re seeking to accomplish from the project. This isn’t merely for conceptual sake but to keep your investment and the scope of work in line with the true market value of your home improvement.

It’s during this time that we approach craftsmen on your behalf to secure a “trade rate” for all labor materials, a preferred cost free of markups.

And best of all… I pass all my professional discounts on to you.

…As much as 55%.

The average cost savings to hire me versus a contractor can be as much as $10,000 on a medium sized kitchen remodel.

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  • Save Big with my help. Up to 55%!
  • Wholesale Pricing on Cabinets, Granite and Tile
  • Never any Mark up on any Labor or Materials
  • Shop Where the Pros Shop (I give you all my secret spots)
  • Save up to $10,000 on remodeling costs (on average)
  • Consulting services for one low fee
  • SAVE – Get contractor labor pricing on plumbing – electrical – painting – tile – flooring, etc.
  • Save Time and shorten project timelines
  • No costly or time consuming change orders.
  • Freedom to “do it yourself” without going it alone.
  • Hassle free home improvement projects (with zero markups)
  • I’m a Licensed Contractor, Insured, Over 10 years in business
  • and More.

Remodel Consulting Services


(save up to 55% on materials and up to $10,000 on the total project)

Initial phone consult                           FREE

  • Review Options
  • Feasibility Analysis and Scope
  • Estimated Cost Scenarios
  • Review Materials and Fixtures

In-home Design Consult                     $97 (Included with Full Remodel)

  • Concept / Space Planning
  • Materials Research & Planning
  • Measurement and Design
  • 3D Drawing of Floor plan
  • Cost Estimates

Full Remodel

Phase 1. Consulting / Project Management     $4997

  • Planning
  • Obtain Building Permits if needed
  • Complete design and specifications
  • Define scope of work
  • Finalize bidding process
  • Sign supplier and trades contracts
  • Order materials (no markups)

Phase 2. Implementation

  •             Coordinate trades
  •             Conduct Progress Inspections
  •             Authorize Payments (client pays direct, no markups)
  •             Troubleshoot

Phase 3. Job Completion

  •             Complete Punch List Items
  •             Final Walkthrough with client
  •             Authorize final payout to trades

    tiled backsplash

    DIY CONSULTING SERVICES               -Starting at $497

The DIY remodeling consulting services let you do it yourself without going it alone.

  • I can help you get your project back on track.
  • I can offer expert advice at any stage of your remodeling project.
  • And when a flame-thrower seems like the only viable solution, I can offer emergency assistance.


  • The do-it-yourselfer who wants to take on an entire remodeling project
  • The homeowner who wants to act as the general contractor on a remodeling project
  • Anyone wanting an idea of the scope and budget for a remodeling project (think home buyer looking at a fixer-upper, real estate agent wanting an angle to sell a home in need of updating, or homeowner wanting to plan some long-term renovations).


  • Prioritize your remodeling project needs and wants
  • Establish a budget and scope for a remodeling project
  • Outline the construction sequence and develop a workable schedule
  • Locate the best designers, subcontractors, labor, and materials for your project
  • Walk through the permitting process and assist with the permit process
  • Understand and use sustainable construction methods
  • Get your delayed and incredibly frustrating project back on track
  • Ascertain the feasibility of a remodeling project
  • Determine your return on investment through a cost/benefit analysis
  • Compare bids from subcontractors to determine the best service and value
  • See the big picture potential of a remodel on an older or outdated home

Kitchen Remodel Cost Calculator


These are average costs for a typical kitchen remodel in Los Angeles/Orange County area. With my remodeling systems and Remodeling Consulting program, I am able to reduce the costs significantly.

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To see the cost of kitchen remodeling in your area, change the zip code on the calculator to your local area.

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With hundreds of projects under our belt, we truly are the local Orange County kitchen remodeling design and construction expert.

I offer 100% transparency and customer satisfaction. I will go above and beyond your expectations.

For a low flat fee I manage your project and give you all my professional discounts. Save up to 55% on cabinets and countertops… and that’s just the beginning…

From design to implementation, OC Kitchen King will make the process fun and exciting! Cabinets, tile and granite installation, design help, extreme make-overs including reconfigurations and add-ons.

…Or as I like to say “From Mild to Wild”

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